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A key selling point of Whitewater, in my opinion, is their transportation service. Whitewater offers their own transportation service, Warhawk Wheels. When you sign up for their service, they will obtain your schedule and organize your transportation. The vans have a side-loading ramp with plenty of room to maneuver your chair, and the drivers are all employees of the Center for Students with Disabilities.


You have two options for transportation services, the basic on-campus rides or the on-campus plus off-campus rides. The on-campus rides will take you anywhere on campus. This includes classes, sporting events, club events, anything as long as it's on campus. You also have the option of the off-campus rides in addition to the on-campus rides. This allows you to go anywhere else in the town of Whitewater, including Walmart, Culver's, Walgreens, etc.


Like out-of-class aiding and Project Assist, this is a paid service. The basic on-campus rides service SHOULD be covered by DVR. If for some reason DVR doesn't cover the transportation costs, it will be your responsibility. I won't share the price, but expect at least a couple thousand for the basic on-campus rides. However, DVR will typically not cover the off-campus add-on, so you will have to pay for the add-on out of pocket or through your IRIS budget. Expect a couple hundred for the add-on. The transportation service is curb-to-curb, so they will not open building doors for you or assist you in getting to class (elevators). They are immensely more punctual than the standard cab service, but they can still be late once in a blue moon, so it's important to leave enough time in between classes for the ride.

There are three vans. Two of them have side-loading ramps and one has rear-entry. The rear-entry van is slightly narrower, so it might not be suitable for wider wheelchairs. If this is the case for you, make sure to let your disability coordinator know. Here are some pictures of the vans.

Side-loading ramp
Rear-entry ramp
Me in front of rear-entry van
Rear-entry van inside
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