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Should your budget be insufficient, you can request a budget amendment. To seek an amendment, you'll need to categorically and specifically define what your needs are. For example, let's say you need more funds to hire an employee. You and your consultant will need to figure out how many hours that person will work and how much it will cost. Here is an example of a schedule used for the purpose of an initial budget amendment. You will also need to adamantly justify why you need this change.


A couple of things to note. A committee will approve this change. They will consider whether or not the change is needed and whether or not it's cost efficient. To make sure they approve it, be sure that your justification is concise. Additionally, the committee rarely approves a direct hire caregiver (i.e. not from an organization) working with a wage of over $12 an hour.  Even that may be tough to approve. This process may take over a month to approve and get implemented, so it is important to stay organized and work on the amendment ASAP. You may also need a note from your doctor identifying that you have a disability and describing the disability. 


Keep in mind, the amendment is nigh iron clad. In other words, you can't make big changes in your monthly plan without another amendment. For example, if the aforementioned employee should quit and you have another employee take his/her place at a different pay-rate, you will need to seek another amendment. For example, if you hire a new caregiver, you will have to prepare a new schedule highlighting the changes.  Here is an example.


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