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Keep extra copies of important documents, such as new-hire packets, spare time sheets, a copy of your plan, rate-change forms, disability verification documentation, and grievance packets readily accessible. You will be glad to have them when you need them.

Make sure to separate your care organization and your school work. Sometimes you may neglect one for the other. These two both need attention and it is important to not forget either one.

Use calendar apps. Every phone has one. You want to use this to remind you of homework, set the dates of time report due dates, and other important dates such as social security payment dates or caregiver payment dates.

Have electronic backups for all important documents, including employee paperwork, paper time reports, and homework. I recommend you not to delete anything until the document is at least a year old.

Ebooks are your best friend. Instead of having homework, a textbook, notes, and pencils on your workspace, you can instead have one tool, laptop or tablet, that fills each role. Most colleges offer ebooks, you just have to ask.

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These are some tips to help you stay organized.


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