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Here are some quick facts about IRIS that I couldn't fit into articles.


Direct-hires cannot work more than forty hours per week. This makes it hard for participants to fill a schedule, but for this reason, you cannot rely on one or even two caregivers to fill a schedule. UPDATE: There are now exceptions to the forty hour rule. Now a live-in or parental caregiver can work more than forty hours. This requires additional paperwork and justification on your part. However, I still advise against relying on one or two caregivers, as you will still want backups available should a caregiver need time off.


Payroll is issued every two weeks. Here is the payroll schedule


Overtime isn't covered under IRIS, neither is holiday pay


I highly recommend that you set up an ILife account. Your consultant will guide you through this process.


I recommend you submit your time reports online. To start this process, login to your ILife account. Then, click participant hired access. Click grant time for your caregiver, and then have your caregiver email ILife


If you submit your time report with paper, don’t snail mail (same goes for any other document sent to ILife). Scan the report and email it. Or, take a quality picture of the report and email it. If using this method, make sure no part of the report is out of the picture. Also, make sure the type of care is specified (ie supportive home care, SDPC, etc.), and make sure you and your employee write the same date. Any deviation will require you submitting the report again, and the employee’s paycheck delayed.

A legal guardian can't be a paid caregiver

New-hire packets can take over a month to approve


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