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Project Assist

Project Assist is a tutoring program offered by the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD). DISCLAIMER: I don't use this service, everything I relay in this article is based solely on what I've heard from other students and CSD employees. With this service, the CSD will assign a tutor to help with your homework. They can help with the basic assignment, reading, or organization. They are typically assigned based on your field of studies. For example, a Special Education major would be paired with a Special Education major. However, it is not guaranteed that your assigned tutor has taken all of your classes. The tutors have been trained in general topics such as math, organization, reading comprehension, problem-solving, etc. If you need immediate help and your assigned tutor is unavailable, they have a drop-in tutor available at the CSD throughout the day. This is fee based service. Typically, DVR covers this service, although of the paid services offered at Whitewater, this is the most difficult to approve, so be prepared to explain why you need the service. If DVR won't pay for the service, you will have to pay it yourself. I won't say the price, but expect at least a thousand dollars. A couple of notes. Project Assist and out-of-class aiding have many similarities, so I'd recommend picking one or the other. It saves you money or hassle with DVR. Second, they will not be able to provide personal cares, so it is important to have that support from a caregiver organization or private-hire available.

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