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Here is a sample job posting to help you when you post a job on or other avenues.


“Seeking caregivers to provide residential supports, on UW Whitewater Campus, for a young man with disabilities attending college.  He is seeking full or part time positions with flexible scheduling to individuals that are able to pass a caregiver background check.
Job duties include: meal prep, medication monitoring, personal cares, assist with laundry, light housekeeping, and attending rec/leisure activities.  We offer a variety of schedules and on the job training.
Applications can be found on campus at Disability Services or by direct contact.”  


A couple of important notes. First, don't write an essay. The average employer spend 20 seconds looking at a resume for the first time. I think the same can be said when prospective employees look at job postings. Second, notice that I kept it general. Again, you don't want to overwhelm people, and sometimes listing specifics scare people off right away. Keep specifics to those who reach out to you. People who reach out to you already show initiative, and they're more likely to handle extensive cares.


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