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In-class aiding/note taking

Whitewater offers in-class aiding and note taking services for its students. These are typically distinct services, and students may choose to have one or both of the services or have it vary by class. These services are typically offered by most colleges. As a result, you don't have to pay for either of these services.


The note taker service is relatively straightforward. Your professors will announce either the first day or within the first week that the Center for Students with Disabilities is looking for a note taker (they will not use your name). A willing student will then speak to the professor, and that student will then go to the Center for Students with Disabilities to scan the notes. You will be able to access the notes through their portal. A couple of things to note. Be sure to have your in-class aide or yourself still take as many notes as possible. In some cases, your note taker may be absent or late, so you should make sure that you have your notes covered. Second, you should make sure to always access your notes. The portal shows how many times you open notes, so if you don't, the note taker may be told that you no longer need notes. Finally, in return for taking notes, your note taker receives volunteer hours. If no one volunteers, talk to your professor and they can make other arrangements.


The other service offered is in-class aiding. With Whitewater, the Center for Students with Disabilities hires a student to attend your classes with you. The in-class aide can arrange notebooks/binders, assist with in-class assignments (labs, quizzes, etc.), and find and organize handouts. They can also take notes in “real-time”. What this typically means is that an in-class aide can take notes that are needed immediately. Some examples include notes on a whiteboard and PowerPoint fill-ins (ex. A slide that says "Communism is best described as _________." Your in-class aide can fill in the blank. You will be required to print out the PowerPoint before class). An in-class aide can NOT help with personal cares. This means you should make arrangements with a caregiver organization or a private-hire caregiver to make sure you have someone available for bathrooming, taking off jackets/hats, help with a wheelchair, etc. They also can't help with tutoring or attend class for you. These services SHOULD be available to any college, but they all have different rules/procedures.

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