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You and your potential caregivers will be nervous when you meet. It is important to be prepared so the process is smoother for the both of you. Here are some good questions to ask.

  1. Do you have a valid driver's license? Employees need a valid license as a part of their new-hire packet

  2. Are you comfortable taking a caregiver background check? IRIS will run an extensive background check

  3. Would you call yourself reliable?  This may be obvious, but you'll find this to be the most important question.

  4. What's your schedule look like and would you be willing to cover other hours? It is vital to have backups, and as part of this process, you will need to have backups available. At least two backups for shifts. When you directly hire caregivers, this is the responsibility you have.

  5. Are you comfortable with _? The blank should be anything considered extensive care or equipment (tubes, hoyers, etc). Let them know that they will be trained, and make sure that they feel comfortable.

  6. Do you want to meet the other caregivers? It's good to build a team around you, and the team will be able to arrange backups and answer questions. This will be smoother if your other caregivers meet and communicate.

  7. What days/hours can you not work? This goes along with the previous questions in the sense that you prepare a team and backups.

  8. Do you know others that would be interested in working with you? Referrals are a great way to get backups. Make sure to ask this only if the interview goes well. You don't want an unreliable caregiver giving referrals.


Make sure to ask other questions relevant to your own situation. Above all though, make sure to ask the questions politely and calmly to not overwhelm him/her.


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