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The mission of DVR is to help those in need find careers. Your DVR representative helps with school and career logistics, NOT personal care.  Keep in mind, DVR isn't forced to help you, and they can drop you. As a result, be prepared to justify each of your needs. It may be a good idea to have your consultant/team meet with your DVR representative to discuss how you can get the best out of the program. Your DVR representative can help with the following


  1. Transportation to and from your class or your job. They can help fund cab or bus services. They can't help you with medical or leisure transportation.

  2. They can help fund adaptive equipment. Including iPad, adaptive applications, or Laptops FOR classes or careers. Be prepared to justify your need.

  3. Help on the job or in class, i.e. in-class aiding

  4. Job training

  5. They can help fund tutoring for classes

  6. They can help you access grants to pay for tuition

  7. They can help you find a career path.


Make sure to email your DVR representative once a month.  Also, let him/her know if you have a change in career path.


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