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Out-of-class aiding

Out-of-class aiding is another service offered exclusively through Whitewater. Under this service, the Center for Students for Disabilities hires a student to be your out-of-class aide. You will then contact that person to plan meeting times. This is especially helpful for homework. Your out-of-class aide can help you with homework in a non-tutoring capacity. For example, it is difficult for me to use a desktop computer. Using a desktop computer is required for some computer programs and printing, and my out-of-class aide helps me with both. This is a paid service. In most cases, DVR SHOULD pay for the service. You may have to explain to your DVR coordinator why this service is necessary and how it will further your education. If for some reason DVR doesn't cover it, you may be able to include it in your IRIS budget or you will have to pay out of pocket. I won't share the price, but expect at least $1,000. The personal care rules for in-class aides apply to out-of-class aides. They can not perform personal cares, so you should still have a caregiver organization or private-hire available to perform those cares.

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