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Finding caregivers can be a daunting task. With IRIS, it is your responsibility to find caregivers. Contact the ADRC in the area you're looking for care to find organizations who supply care. There are pros and cons to seeking care through an organization. An organization will find caregivers for you. They will also ATTEMPT to find backups for those caregivers. Also, an organization supersedes the $12 an hour limit for Private-Hires. There also cons. An organization won't help with everything. A good guideline is that if you require assistance with something attached to your body, such as g-tubes, feeding tubes, breathing tubes, intestinal bags, etc., the standard organization won't touch it. You won't find 24/7 care through one organization. In fact, it may be difficult to get a full 8 hour shift per day from an organization. The best bet is to mix organizational care and direct-hire. Here are some tips to finding direct-hire caregivers


  1. is a great resource in finding direct-hires. On, you will post a job, and employees on there will contact you if interested. Keep in mind that you will post some personal information for others to see, and is a paid service depending on which membership you use. I used the $156 a year option. You may also receive unsolicited offers.

  2. Your campus most likely has a job-posting website or area. I have found many caregivers through this route.

  3. An ad in the local paper can help, but, again, this is a paid service.

  4. As a last resort, Craigslist can be a tool to find caregivers, and while I personally never used this route, I've heard of others who found success through Craigslist, but you'll almost certainly receive unsolicited offers.


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