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When you meet with your ADRC representative to discuss your options, you will get more information on this topic than you'll ever need. I want to discuss key differences between the two, for specifics, I strongly recommend reading the material given to you by the ADRC


IRIS focuses on independence. You will be given a budget and you will decide how to use the budget. Caregivers working with IRIS will be paid with supportive home care (for more information, click here). The fundamental difference between Family Care and IRIS is who you work with. Under IRIS, you will work exclusively with a consultant. This consultant will guide you through IRIS processes and may even recommend sources for care and equipment. In the end, your consultant is an advisor, you have the final say in how your budget is used. Should your budget be insufficient, you will need to pursue a budget amendment. For more information on budget amendments, click here.

Family Care doesn't give you a budget. Family Care seeks to work with the community to meet your needs. With Family Care, you will have a team of three people, one of which being a registered nurse. They will seek the cost efficient route to meet your needs. Should you require 24/7 care, you should be prepared to prove to your team that you need 24/7 care. Keep in mind, it takes less time to switch from IRIS to Family Care, so if you absolutely cannot decide between the two and would like to try each program, I'd suggest choosing IRIS first.


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