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About ICW

InControl Wisconsin, or ICW, is an organization that seeks to have people with disabilities live independent, self-directed lives. As a result, their values align greatly with the goals of transition2collegewi. If you don’t get the answers you need here, or if you just want a second opinion, this can be a great resource, especially if you’re in the transition process.


ICW helps the community in many ways. First, they work with governmental services like the DHS to design policies that promote self-directed living. This means that they make sure that policies allow independence while simultaneously making sure that needs are met. For example, they helped implement a Self-Directed Supports option for Family Care, giving the individuals more say in how their cares are managed. Second, they interact to the community through online forums and conferences to share ideas and strategies for self-directed living.


The aforementioned conferences are beneficial to anyone living with a disability. For example, they recently participated in the Self-Determination Conference. This conference teaches its participants about the governmental resources and public supports available. This is a great conference for those in the transition process to attend. I'd recommend those in the transition process to look here for their next conference.


They also offer various forums for families with disabilities. This is a great resource for all families with disabilities, as it allows those families to share ideas and experiences. That way, if you’re looking for answers to questions and you want a second opinion, you can ask the question on the forums. It also includes news updates that may interest you. You can sign up for the forum here, you only need an email address.


They also offer resources for older citizens with disabilities and seniors. Additionally, they offer employment connection and resources for employment.

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