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In order to get your direct caregivers hired ASAP, it is important to fill out new-hire packets efficiently and accurately. Find the new hire paperwork with this link.

NEW: Here is a guide to new hire packets

This paperwork is intuitive for the most part, here are some things that I myself get confused.

  • On the Wisconsin Medicaid Program Provider Agreement section, your new-hire signs on the Provider line and you sign on the Waiver Agency Representative line.

  • Your new-hire will need a copy of their driver’s license and a copy of their social security card with the form. A photocopy of each should be included, but a picture of BOTH SIDES of each works too.

  • You will need your MCI ID, ask your consultant for this.

  • You will need a valid email address. I'd advise against using your parents' email or your school email.

  • Pay attention to their desired formatting, like sections with Participant Employer (Last, First) 


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